Disciplines of the Kindred

This listing is provided to be a reference for players and Storytellers to use to see what powers are at what level. The game mechanics and descriptions are NOT provided, those must be found in the rule books. This is merely a quick list. The disciplines are listed with the source book printed beside them. The disciplines with no source listed are found in Vampire: The Masquerade or Vampire: The Dark Ages.

Much of the following information was developed by Nosferatu.


Animalism Auspex Bardo Celerity Chimerstry Daimoinon Dark Thaumaturgy Deimos Dementation Dominate Hedge Magic Fortitude Kai Kineticism Koldunic Sorcery Melpominee Maleficia Mortis Mytherceria Necromancy Nihilistics Obeah Obfuscate Obteneration Ogham Potence Presence Protean Quietus Rift Sanguinus Serpentis Spiritus Striga Thaumaturgy - Thaumaturgic Paths - Official Thaumaturgic Paths - Net Thaumaturgic Rituals - Official Thaumaturgic Rituals - Net Thanatosis Valeren Vicissitude Visceratika

Abombwe (Dark Ages Companion) Predator's Communion Taming the Beast Whistling Up the Beast Devil-Channel Taking the Skin Predator's Mastery

Animalism Sweet Whispers The Beckoning Song of Serenity Sharing of Spirits Drawing Out the Beast Animal Succulence (V:tM Player's Guide) Deep Song (Clanbook: Ravnos) Sense the Savage Way (Dark Ages Companion) Shared Soul (V:tM Player's Guide) Shepherd's Innocence (V:tM Player's Guide) Species Speech (V:tM Player's Guide) Tier of Souls (Clanbook: Tzimisce) Vrykolas (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Conquer the Beast (V:tM Player's Guide) Master's Voice (V:tM Player's Guide) Twist the Feral Will (Dark Ages Companion) Mass Summons (V:tM Player's Guide) Taunt the Caged Beast (Dark Ages Companion) Twin Spirits (V:tM Player's Guide) Flesh Bond (V:tM Player's Guide) Army of Beasts (V:tM Player's Guide)

Auspex Heightened Senses Aura Perception The Spirit's Touch Telepathy Psychic Projection Babble (Clanbook: Malkavian) Clairvoyance (V:tM Player's Guide) Eagle's Sight (V:tM Player's Guide) The Flaying (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Genius Loci (Clanbook: Tzimisce) Insight of the Talespinner (Clanbook: Toreador) Prediction (V:tM Player's Guide) Sense Emotion (V:tM Player's Guide) Spirit Bond (Dark Ages Companion) Telepathic Communication (V:tM Player's Guide) The Dreaming (V:tM Player's Guide) What People Want to Hear (Clanbook: Toreador) Escstatic Agony (Clanbook: Tzimisce) Melange (Clanbook: Malkavian) Personality Metamorph (Clanbook: Toreador) Pluck the Secret (Dark Ages Companion) Soul Scan (V:tM Player's Guide) Spirit Link (V:tM Player's Guide) Stealing the Mind's Eye (Dark Ages Companion) Malkavian Madness Network (Clanbook: Malkavian) Omniscience (V:tM Player's Guide) The Oracle's Sight (Dark Ages Companion) Psychic Assault (V:tM Player's Guide) Master of the Dom (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Precognition (V:tM Player's Guide) Pulse of the Canaille (V:tM Player's Guide)

Bardo (Hunters Hunted) Restore Humanitas Banishing Sign of Thoth Gift of Apis Pillar of Osiris Paradox Boon of Anubis Bring Forth the Dawn Mummification Ritual Ra's Blessing Rebirth

Celerity Mercury's Arrow (Dark Ages Companion) Sanguinary Wind (Dark Ages Companion) Resist Earth's Grasp (Dark Ages Companion)

Chimerstry (V:tM Player's Guide) Ignis Fatuus Fata Morgana Apparition Permanency Horrid Reality Army of Apparitions (Dark Ages Companion) Fata Amria (Clanbook: Ravnos) Fatuus Mastery Mass Reality Far Fatuus Mirror's Visage (Dark Ages Companion) Fantasy World (Dark Ages Companion) Pseudo Blindness Sensory Overload (Clanbook: Ravnos) Sensory Deprivation Reality

Daimoinon (V:tM Storyteller's Handbook) Sense the Sin Fear the Void Below Flames of the Netherworld Psychomachia Curse Diabolic Lure (Dark Ages Companion) Ignore the Searing Flames Infernal Servitor (Dark Ages Companion) Summon the Herald of Hell Great Curse Unleash Hell's Fury (Dark Ages Companion) Call the Great Beast

Dark Thaumaturgy (Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat) Chains of Pleasure Ecstasy Overstimulation The Wave of Pleasure Writhing Delights The Glow of a Thousand Embraces Fires of Inferno One Die of Damage Two Dice of Damage Four Dice of Damage Six Dice of Damage Eight Dice of Damage Hands of Destruction Decay Gnarl Wood Acidic Touch Atrophy Turn to Dust Path of Pestilence Sickness Vampire Sickness The Swarming Diseased Breath Cause Plague Path of Phobos Induce Fear Spook Terrorize Fear Immersion Leech of Fear Path of Secret Knowledge Whispers Secrets in the Dark The Hidden Dark Prophecy Unlock the Heart of Mystery Path of SpiritDark Ages Companion) Insignificant Least Lesser Minor Specific Demon Path of Torture Hurt Hunger Torment Agony Pangs of Hell

Deimos (Dark Ages Companion) Whispers to the Soul Kiss of the Dark Mother Ichor Clutching the Shroud Black Breath Lilith's Summons

Dementation (Player's Guide to the Sabbat) Passion Mind Tricks Eyes of Chaos Confusion Total Insanity Derange Kindred Spirits Delayed Delirium (Dark Ages Companion) Mind of a Child Mind of a Killer Wave of Insanity Coma Minds of the Children Prison of the Mind (Dark Ages Companion) Blessing of Chaos Mass Coma

Dominate Command the Wearied Mind Mesmerize The Forgetful Mind Conditioning Possession Automatic Mastery (Dark Ages Companion) Loyalty (V:tM Player's Guide) Obedience (V:tM Player's Guide) Rationalize (V:tM Player's Guide) Tranquility (V:tM Player's Guide) Command the Legion (Dark Ages Companion) Mob Rule (V:tM Player's Guide) Repression of the Obvious (Clanbook: Malkavian) Empowering the Puppet King (Dark Ages Companion) Far Mastery (V:tM Player's Guide) Best Intentions (V:tM Player's Guide) Puppet Master (V:tM Player's Guide)

Fortitude Armor of Vitality (Dark Ages Companion) Bestow Vigor (Dark Ages Companion) Eternal Vigilance (Dark Ages Companion)

Hedge Magic (The Hunters Hunted)

Kai (Dark Alliance: Vancouver) Inner Focus Focused Strike Honorable Elixir Shield from Fire Daimyo's Law

Kineticism (World of Darkness: Outcasts: The Player's Guide to Pariahs) Dampening Redirection Vengeful Strike Discharge Kinetic Shield

Koldunic Sorcery (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Fire Ways As Path of Fire Natural Ways As Elemental Mastery Spirit Ways As Path of Spirit Water Ways As Neptune's Might

Maleficia (Dark Ages Companion) Evil Eye Minor Curse Psalm of the Damned Barrenness Greater Curse

Melpominee (V:tM Player's Guide) The Missing Voice Tourette's Voice Toreador's Bane Art's Traumatic Essence Death of the Drum Blessed Audience

Mortis (V:tDA) Masque of Death Blight Awaken Death's Whisper Black Death Animate Host (Dark Ages Companion) Reaper's Passing (Clanbook: Cappadocian) Vigor Mortis The Leper's Gait (Clanbook: Cappadocian) Sense Death's Imminence Plague Wind (Dark Ages Companion)

Mytherceria (Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat) Fey Sight Darkling Trickery Goblinism Faerie Wards Riddle Phantastique Stone Travel Earth Sword Basilisk's Touch

Necromancy (V:tM Player's Guide) Insight Summon Spirit Compel Haunting Soul Stealing Zombie Severing the Ties of Death (Clanbook: Giovanni) Torment Soul Exchange Inurement (Clanbook: Giovanni) Possession Death Pact

Nihilistics (Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand) Eyes of the Wraith Consume the Dead Aura of Decay The Dark Touch Nightcry Black Blood Oblivion's Dance

Obeah (V:tM Player's Guide) Panacea Anesthetic Touch Neutral Guard Treat the Sick Mind Unburdening of the Bestial Soul Pain for Pleasure Renewed Vigor Repulsion Vitae Block Spirit Marionette Resurrection

Obfuscate Cloak of Shadows Unseen Presence Mask of the Thousand Faces Vanish from Mind's Eye Cloak of Gathering Conceal (V:tM Player's Guide) Diastasis (Dark Ages Companion) Mind Blank (V:tM Player's Guide) Scrawl (Clanbook: Malkavian) Soul Mask (V:tM Player's Guide) Cache (V:tM Player's Guide) Cloak (V:tM Player's Guide) Veil the Legions (Dark Ages Companion) Visit Faerieland (Clanbook: Malkavian) Old Friends (V:tM Player's Guide) Create Name (V:tM Player's Guide) Memory's Fading Glimpse (V:tM Player's Guide)

Obtenebration (Player's Guide to the Sabbat) Shadow Play Shroud of Night Arms of the Abyss Nightshades Shadow Body Call the Lamprey Eyes of the Night Shadow Parasite (Clanbook: Lasombra) Shadow Step Darksight (Clanbook: Lasombra) Shadow Slave Dark Hunter (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Entombment Master of the Night Summon the Abyss Tchernabog (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Banishment

Ogham (Dark Ages Companion) Consecrate the Grove Crimson Woad Inscribe the Curse Moon and Sun Dragon Lines Inscribe the Forgotten Names

Potence The Fist of Caine (Dark Ages Companion) The Forger's Hammer (Dark Ages Companion) Touch of Pain (Dark Ages Companion)

Presence Awe Dread Gaze Entrancement Summon Majesty Air of Elation (Clanbook: Toreador) Capture Reality (Clanbook: Toreador) Enrage (V:tM Player's Guide) Intensification (Clanbook: Toreador) Love (V:tM Player's Guide) Renew the Earthly Pleasures (Dark Ages Companion) Siren's Song (Clanbook: Toreador) Star Magnetism (Clanbook: Toreador) Two-Tiered Communication (Clanbook: Toreador) Mask Empathy (V:tM Player's Guide) Mind Numb (V:tM Player's Guide) Unholy Penance (Dark Ages Companion) Bloodlust (Dark Ages Companion) Invoke Frenzy (V:tM Player's Guide) Heart of the City (V:tM Player's Guide) Dream World (V:tM Player's Guide)

Protean Gleam of Red Eyes Wolf's Claws Earth Meld Shadow of the Beast Form of Mist Adaptability (Clanbook: Gangrel) Earth Control (V:tM Player's Guide) Flesh of Marble (V:tM Player's Guide) Form of the Ghost (V:tM Player's Guide) Homunculus (V:tM Player's Guide) The Mantle of Bestial Majesty (Dark Ages Companion) Movement of the Slowed Body (V:tM Player's Guide) Purify the Body (Dark Ages Companion) Dual Form (V:tM Player's Guide) Body of the Sun (V:tM Player's Guide)

Quietus (V:tM Player's Guide) Silence of Death Weakness Disease Blood Agony Taste of Death Blood Empathy Blood Sweat Cleansing of Influence (Clanbook: Assamite) Quicken the Mortal's Blood (Dark Ages Companion) Thin Blood (Clanbook: Assamite) Blood of the Cobra (Clanbook: Assamite) Foul Blood Hinder the Cainite Vitae (Dark Ages Companion) Leech Blood Awakening (Dark Ages Companion) Blood Cot Blood Curse (Clanbook: Assamite) Erosion Immaculate Vitae

Rift (World of Darkness) The Joining Glimpse of the Pain Crossing the Iron Bridge Journeying the Iron Bridge Passing the Inner Realm Collection Transport Doorway to Hell Eyes of a Thief Gateway Touch of Sin Imprison Manifest the Horror

Sanguinus (Storyteller's Handbook) Brother's Blood Borrow Organs Coordinate Attacks Concentrate Generation Coagulate Entity

Serpentis (V:tM Player's Guide) The Eyes of the Serpent The Tongue of the Serpent Mummify Form of the Serpent The Heart of Darkness Obession Ophidian Infestation (Dark Ages Companion) Temptation Phobia Set's Curse (Dark Ages Companion) Apep's Semblance (Dark Ages Companion) Corruption Form of Corruption Mark of Damnation

Spiritus (Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat) Speak with Spirits Summon Spirit Beasts Aspect of the Beast Engling Fury The Wildebeest

Striga (Dark Ages Companion) Strix Scobax Masca Hexe Fractura

Temporis (Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand) Time Sense Ramble On Zombie's Curse Cowalker Frozen Object Control Aging Domain of Evernight Outside the Hourglass Pocket Out of Time Rewind Time Summon History

Thanatosis (V:tM Player's Guide) Hags' Wrinkles Putrefaction Ashes to Ashes Withering Infection Compress Dust to Dust Rigor Mortis

Thaumaturgy Path of Blood (Basic Thaumaturgy) A Taste for Blood Blood Rage Blood of Potency Theft of Vitae Cauldron of Blood Biothaumaturgic Experimentation (Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand) Thaumaturgical Forensics Animal Experimentation Thaumaturgical Surgery Human Experimentation Supernatural Experimentation Corruption (V:tM Player's Guide) Contradict Disfigurement Change Mind Cripple Corrupt Soul Elemental Mastery (V:tM Player's Guide) Elemental Strength Wooden Tongues Animate the Unmoving Elemental Form Summon Elemental Geomancy (World of Darkness) Resistance to Magic (affects Willpower only) Any Social Attribute Any Physical Attribute Any Talent Any Attribute or Ability Gift of Morpheus (Player's Guide to the Sabbat) Cause Sleep Mass Slumber Enchanted Slumber Dreamscape Master of Dreams The Lure of Flames Candle Palm of Flame Camp Fire Bonfire Conflagration Movement of the Mind one pound 20 pounds 200 pounds 500 pounds 1/2 ton Neptune's Might (V:tM Player's Guide) Eyes of the Sea Jail of Water Dehydrate Flowing Wall Blood to Water Path of Conjuring (V:tM Player's Guide) Summoning the Simple Form Permanency Magic of the Smith Reverse Conjuration Power Over Life Path of Warding (Dark Ages Companion) Bar the Common Passage Glyph of Scrying Runes of Power Glyph of Enlightenment Secure the Sacred Domain Spirit Thaumaturgy (V:tM Player's Guide) Evil Eye Spirit Eyes Spirit Slave Fetishes Journey Thaumaturgical Alchemy (Dark Ages Companion) Fortify the Solid Form Crystallize Liquid Liquefy the Solid Form Ethereal Stone Vaporous Transformation Way of the Levin Bolt (Dark Ages Companion) Spark Illuminate Body of Light Jupiter's Aegis Lightning Dance Weather Control Fog Rain Wind Storm Lightning Strike

Valeren (Dark Ages Companion) Sense Life/Death Gift of Sleep Burning Touch Healing Touch Ending the Watch Shepherd's Watch The Ailing Spirit Vengeance of Samiel Loving Agony Warding the Beast Aversion Safe Passage Purification Shadow of Taint

Vicissitude (Player's Guide to the Sabbat) Changeling Fleshcraft Bonecraft Horrid Form Inner Essence Blood of Acid Body Arsenal Corrupt Construction (Dark Ages Companion) Entrail Saraband (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Living Testudo (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Plasmic Form Skin Trap (Clanbook: Tzimisce) Cocoon Flesh Rot Impaler's Fence (Libellus Sanguinis 1) Kraken's Kiss (Clanbook: Tzimisce) Liquefy the Mortal Coil (Dark Ages Companion) Bauble Breath of the Dragon Sculpture of the Mind (Dark Ages Companion) Doppleganger Reform Body

Visceratika (Storyteller's Handbook) Whispers of the Chamber Skin of the Chameleon Voices of the Castle Bond with Terra Stonestrength Dark Statue Rockheart Crawling Chamber

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