Fortitude describes a type of supernatural toughness and vigor which allows Kindred extra advantages in resisting the harm to which their kind is especially vulnerable. All vampires have a powerful constitution, and are able to shrug off the injury inflicted by guns and weapons of all sorts. However, most are very susceptible to sunlight and fire, and are easily harmed by them. Those with Fortitude are not easily bowed by even these elemental forces, and are even more resistant to "normal" injuries.System: Fortitude provides the ability to resist sunlight and fire to those who possess it. For each level of Fortitude a character possesses, he may roll one die to soak damage from fire and sunlight. Fortitude is also added to a character's ability to soak other wounds.

6.  Armor of Vitality (Dark Ages Companion)

7.  Bestow Vigor (Dark Ages Companion)

8.  Eternal Vigilance (Dark Ages Companion)

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