This Discipline defines the superior strength that vampires possess. This additional physical might allows great feats to be accomplished, far beyond what a normal mortal would be able to perform. Potence allows vampires to jump and leap great distances, lift greater weights, and inflict greater harm upon objects and individuals when they are punched or hit.

System: The character’s rating in Potence provides her with automatic successes on nearly any strength roll – one automatic success per rating point. Thus she can succedd at most strength rolls automatically without needing to make a roll at all. In melee and brawling combat, the automatic successes count on the damage roll. You do not need to burn a blood point for this discipline it is always on.

6.  The Fist of Caine (Dark Ages Companion)

7.  The Forger's Hammer (Dark Ages Companion)

8.  Touch of Pain (Dark Ages Companion)

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